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  Stefanos Kontos was born in 1972 in Ioannina, Greece. During his childhood he developed a strong fascination for the sea and the underwater world.

At the age of 12 he “borrowed” his father’s Nikonos camera and from there began his passionate quest for underwater photography. Today he is an accomplished underwater photographer/ cinematographer that does all his work without the use of scuba gear, all on a single breath. The Athens-based photographer is also a freediving instructor.

He spends several months of the year shooting a wide variety of freediving events in the field, involving education, exploration and performance events. He is collaborating with freediving institutions and specialists worldwide in an effort to advance and promote the unique perspective of freediving photography.


   In recent years, he has focused on documenting the unique underwater Greek seascape and seeks to instill in viewers a greater interest and understanding of the importance of interconnected environments to maintain healthy ecosystems. His work has been published in articles and features by recognized magazines and has participated in international exhibitions and events.
    His work of apnea underwater photography is a truly unique and challenging endeavor.

It is the absolute manifestation of “action wildlife photography” and requires tremendous

effort and preparation by the photographer and the support-team involved.

Except for sound technical skills and physical abilities the photographer needs to have a deep


understanding and awareness of the marine environment and its inhabitants. Some situations may require stalking skills or the use of the environment for concealment and approach, always, on a single breath. Intensive training and both physical and mental preparation is necessary for achieving a high level of competence in freediving photography.
Stefanos has a Business and Marketing degree from UNLV California and also studied in the department of physical education & sport science of the University of Athens.


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